MU exclusive - Railway models from our own production

In this shop category you will find the original Modellbahn Union range from our own production.

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The original Modellbahn Union product range

Products from our own production

Welcome to Modellbahn Union Exclusive! We are pleased to be able to present our original Modellbahn Union range to you. Here you will find high-quality model railways and accessories that we manufacture with a lot of love and care in our own production. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of model railways and discover the variety of our unique own products.

Our commitment to quality and precision

At Modellbahn Union Exklusiv we attach great importance to the highest quality and precision. Our models are made by passionate model railway enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to the hobby. Each individual model, be it a locomotive, a multiple unit, a freight car, a building or a detail for your layout, is carefully crafted to give you and us, as model railway enthusiasts, pleasure.

Train models - quality from renowned manufacturers from Asia and Great Britain

We know how important high-quality rolling stock is for your model railway. That's why we work closely with renowned manufacturers in Asia and Great Britain to offer you first-class products. When manufacturing our rolling stock products, we attach great importance to careful processing and precision in order to guarantee you high quality and authentic replicas. Our close cooperation with our producers enables us to monitor the production processes on site and ensure that we receive the best possible quality.

Lasercut kits - precision from Issum (NRW)

We are proud to introduce you to our high-quality laser-cut kits, which are manufactured in our own production facility in Issum (NRW). Each kit is characterized by its precision and quality, which can be felt in every single part. We are happy to present our own products in our specialist shop and at events. We have already published numerous videos to give you an insight into our laser cut products. Do not hesitate to use our contact form if you have any questions. We look forward to every inquiry and suggestion.

Landscaping - Creative masterpieces from Poland

At Modellbahn Union we place particular value on the art of landscape design. Our painted and unpainted landscaping products are made in our own production facility in Poland with great care and attention to detail. These products allow you to design your railway landscape according to your own ideas and to add small and unique details. Our production team in Poland consists of award-winning model builders and model railway enthusiasts who have turned their hobby into a profession.

diversity and uniqueness

Our original Modellbahn Union range offers you a wide variety of models, all of which come from our own production. No matter whether you are looking for locomotives, railcars, wagons, buildings or accessories - you will find a large selection of original models with us.

Exclusive collector's items for passionate collectors

Our models are not only intended for fun, but also coveted collector's items. As passionate train enthusiasts, we understand the importance of exclusive models for collectors. Each of our models is an example of good craftsmanship and our passion for the railway. We are pleased to be able to present our high-quality models to you and hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Discover the outstanding quality and uniqueness of our railway models and accessories from our own production. At Modellbahn Union we stand for attention to detail and passion for the railway. We appreciate your support for every purchase, which enables us to further develop our own production and to be able to offer you even more unique products.