Modellbahn Union Tank car Uerdingen HO

Tank car Uerdingen - The prototype:

The rapid increase in motorization in the 1950s and 1960s meant that large quantities of fuel had to be transported from the refineries to the tank farms. With a capacity of max. 30 m³, the wagons built during the Second World War were no longer economical, so that rental companies such as VTG and Eva, but also the mineral oil companies themselves, had large quantities of new tank wagons built with 36 and 40 m³ capacities .

The Waggonfabrik Uerdingen alone built over 500 wagons between 1960 and 1963. They were hired by Eva and Kontinentale Öltransport AG, an Eva subsidiary, which they leased to several mineral oil companies on a long-term basis.

From standard to colourful

The DEA procured 75 cars, which were given many different paint finishes as a result of numerous name changes over the course of their service life: DEA dark green, Texaco blue-green, silver-black with Texaco and DEA symbols and, after the sale in 1995, finally also with the KVG logo. The last car, now owned by GATX, was only eliminated after 2013. The Eva sold more than 100 wagons in 1985 to the 3V-Service / Transportgesellschaft Dollbergen, which used them in a striking blue paint job to transport used oil until 2008.

We currently have the following models of the Uerdingen in stock or can be pre-ordered:

The Modellbahn Union models of the Uerdingen tank car in H0:

The model railway Union Gauge H0 models of the Uerdingen tank wagons with 40m³ tanks on a scale of 1:87 are characterized by detailed design and printing, the covers of the platforms are made of metal. Different addresses as well as different paint conditions based on the usage time are also taken into account. All models have a close coupling link and NEM coupler pockets. AC axes are available on request.

Good looks in plant operation and in the showcase

The models come with additional add-on parts such as air hoses, adjusting levers and coupling hooks with a movable chain that enable them to be coupled with other cars. The LüP is 10.6 cm per car.

Details make the difference

Address boards and add-on parts change depending on the model. Numerous details are separately mounted individual parts. Of course, the model comes fully assembled to your model railway layout.