Modellbahn Union Refrigerated Wagon Tbnhs HO

Ferry boat refrigerator car Tbnhs 30 - the prototype:

For the use of freight wagons in traffic to Great Britain, freight wagons were required that corresponded to the smaller British loading gauge and, in addition to the well-known air brakes, also had the suction air brake system common in Great Britain.

For this purpose, after covered wagons and stake wagons with handbrakes, the DRG procured 50 refrigerated wagons in two batches starting in 1935, but without handbrakes. The cars had ice buckets that were filled through the overhead doors. They were hired as Gfkhs Saarbrücken, later they received the type designation Tbnhs Berlin. Many survived the Second World War, around 20 came to the DB in 1950, and a few cars also to the DR. Traffic to Great Britain was mainly handled via the port of Harwich, but the cars also made their way to Scandinavia and were used throughout Europe apart from the ferry lines.

changing times

The DB leased about half of the Tbnhs to Transthermos, the others were given the type designation Tbnhs 30. In 1964, 19 cars were still to be redesignated as the UIC-compliant type designation Icfrs 400 (Epoch IV), but most of them were already retired by 1969 , since the train was too slow compared to the competition on the road, especially in refrigerated transport.

We currently have the following Tbhns models in stock or available for preorder:

The Tbnhs from Modellbahn Union:

The 1:87 scale H0 scale models of the Tbnhs wagons are characterized by their detailed design and printing. Different addresses as well as different paint conditions based on the usage time are also taken into account. All models have a short coupling link and NEM coupler mounts as well as metal-bearing axles. AC axes are available on request. The length is 14.3 cm per car.

A detailed implementation

The challenges can be great even with a supposedly simple refrigerated truck. Joints, doors, a lot of printing and a very detailed chassis require a fine implementation. The freight wagons from Modellbahn Union take into account all these little things without losing their suitability for operation.