Modellbahn Union freight wagon Pwghs HO

Pwghs escort freight car - the prototype

The lack of freight train baggage wagons at the DB in the mid-1950s led to the development of the Pwghs 54 based on the Gms 54. This avoided the expense of a completely new design and the wagons could simply be converted into normal G wagons. The Pwghs 54 corresponded to the Gms 54, but did not have its loading and ventilation gaps. Instead, the car was equipped with a driver's compartment and toilet as well as a front door that was accessible via the brakeman's platform. 1200 examples were built. Some of the Pwghs 54 were used for express freight after they were put into service, recognizable by the large E on the sides of the car.

Versatile and still in use today

Some cars were used on branch lines and on the car train to Sylt. From 1970, over 700 Pwghs 54s that were no longer required were converted to Gls 205s, and the progressive use of diesel and electric locomotives made the use of escort cars for the staff superfluous. Up to the end of the 1990s, however, cars were still used by the DB on branch lines and as escort cars for LÜ shipments, and other cars have survived in private companies as workshop and escort cars, some of which have survived to this day.

We currently have the following Pwghs models in stock or available for pre-order:

Escort freight car Pwghs Gauge H0 by Modellbahn Union

Equipped with interior fittings, doors that can be opened, moveable & individually attached door handles, individually attached steps and handrails, interior lighting for operation with button cells, NEM coupler pockets, close coupling links, standard bracket couplings. Depending on the version, different axle bearings, chassis, door handles, steps, platforms and interior fittings are implemented. As an option, we offer AC axes for the conversion.

A freight car with lights

The factory-installed interior lighting is powered by two LR41 button cells (not included in the offer). It works independently of the traction current and is therefore suitable for all analogue and digital direct current and alternating current systems as well as for sections with no current. It is switched on by tapping the roof with the enclosed "magic wand".

The small differences make the difference

In the prototype, the Pwghs differ in different versions and conversions. This applies to steps, door locks & doorstops, axle bearings & springs and other details. We implement many of these differences in our H0 gauge models in a prototypical manner.