Railcars HO

Railcars are special rail vehicles that can be operated independently of an external tractor using their own drive. They are mostly used in passenger transport. H0 gauge railcars are fascinating model railways on a scale of 1:87

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Here you can go directly to the H0 gauge railcar models from our own Modellbahn Union production:

VT 95
BS 300
Desiro HC
Klv 20
Klv 12

Detailed railcars for H0 gauge

The H0 gauge railcars and multiple units are characterized by their detailed reproduction of the originals. The paintwork, lettering and details of the models correspond to the originals down to the smallest detail. This allows model railroaders to create realistic and lively scenes on their layouts. The models for the H0 gauge are not only authentic on the outside, but also offer the latest technology and high-quality materials to ensure perfect function. Our range includes a wide range of models that represent the diversity of railcars. Here you will find railcars from well-known manufacturers such as Märklin, Trix and Jägerndorfer. The selection offers the right model for every taste and every era.

Electric railcars

The electric multiple units reproduce the characteristic features of real electric multiple units with extreme precision. From the paintwork to the lettering to the finest details in the interior, these models reflect the world of electric train transportation in miniature.

Diesel multiple units

Whether it's a modern local train or a historic regional train, the variety of diesel multiple units allows you to design your system according to your individual ideas and to recreate different scenarios. From the many fine engravings on the panels to the detailed replicas of the bogies to the precisely adjustable driving characteristics, these models authentically reproduce the originals.

Rail buses and trolleys

Rail buses and handcars bring nostalgia to the model railway system. These charming vehicles are often used on secondary routes and in rural areas and can create a special atmosphere on the facility. In addition, the 1950s models with their characteristic features offer a historical journey through time for model makers who want to recreate scenarios from past decades.

Other railcar models

You can also find other railcar models in our range, including iconic trams and contemporary subways. This diversity allows you to equip your system with a diverse selection of railcars. Our railcar models are designed to fit seamlessly into a wide variety of model railway landscapes and eras.

Design your H0 model railway layout with matching railcars

The choice of railcars and multiple units plays a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere on the model railway layout. Regardless of whether you want to recreate historical scenarios or have modern express trains run on the tracks, the right railcars will give your system the desired ambience. In our range you will find models from eras I to VI from various countries around the world. By integrating suitable railcars, realistic train compositions can be created and the charm of railway operations can be experienced in miniature format. In addition, many of our models offer technical refinements such as digital controls, sound effects and lighting options that take the model railway experience to a new level.

Frequently asked questions about the H0 railcars

What distinguishes railcars from locomotives?

Both railcars and locomotives are key elements for realistic train compositions on model railway layouts. Railcars are independent, powered rail vehicles that are used to transport people or goods. If the locomotive also consists of several parts, it is called a multiple unit. In contrast, locomotives are specialized traction engines primarily used to pull wagons or railcars. Locomotives generally do not have space for the direct transport of passengers or goods, with the exception of baggage locomotives.

Analogue or digital – how are the H0 railcars controlled?

The question of control options is crucial for the model railway experience. The variety of railcar models allows you to choose between analog and digital control depending on your personal preferences. Analogue controls offer the traditional type of model railway control. This classic approach gives a nostalgic feel, while digital control allows for more precise and versatile control of the railcars. This technology opens up a variety of possibilities for realistic operation and makes the model railway experience even more interactive.

From which countries are H0 gauge railcars available?

The range of railcars and multiple units in H0 gauge reflects the diversity of global rail transport. Whether from Germany, the Benelux countries, France, Italy or exotic countries such as Japan and America, you will find models from all over the world in our range.

Buy railcars for H0 gauge from Modellbahn Union

Are you looking for exclusive railcars or multiple units for H0 gauge? Then you've come to the right place! In addition to renowned brands such as Märklin, Roco and Co., you can also get products from our own brand that you will not find anywhere else. We also understand that you want to see your new products in action as quickly as possible, which is why we attach great importance to efficient and reliable processing of your order. In addition, we offer an additional service that goes far beyond the standard. Do you have special requests such as digitizing a locomotive, replacing axles or installing lighting? No problem! Our dedicated team is at your disposal to fulfill individual service requests for your model railway. And as a special thank you, with our bonus program you will receive an item of your choice for free with even a small purchase value!