Güterwagen Tcefs H0

Goods wagon Tcefs 845 - The prototype:

In order to facilitate the transport of goods wagons in traffic to Great Britain, goods wagons conforming to the smaller British loading gauge were required. In addition to the familiar air brakes, they also had to have the suction air braking system common in Britain.

Deutsche Bahn introduced the Gbtmks 66 (later Tcefs 845) in 1964 as an innovative new design. This car was manufactured by Gebr. Credé in Kassel. The design enabled seamless transport on ferry connections, which made time-consuming reloading at the ferry ports unnecessary. The wagons were 12.5 meters long and had a narrow loading width of just 2.3 meters. As early as 1964, these models received the lettering according to the later standards of Era IV.

The practical use of the cars became apparent in operation, and they remained in use well into Era V. Due to their international use, the cars wore eye-catching, multilingual lettering. Today, two copies are exhibited in the Bochum Dahlhausen Railway Museum, among other places.

We currently have the following models of the Gbtmks 66 / Tecfs 845 in stock or can be pre-ordered:

freight wagon Tecfs in HO by Modellbahn Union

Equipped with side doors that can be opened, door handles, individually attached steps and handrails, NEM coupler receptacles, close coupler links, standard bow couplers. As an option, we offer AC axes for the conversion. Optionally, the enclosed clutch hoses can be installed. The length is 14.3 cm per car.

Uniform look with many different details

At first glance, all variants look very similar. As always, the difference is in the details. Different roof colors depending on the epoch, the extensive inscriptions for the ferry boat traffic, epoch-appropriate company numbers and also repair patches are implemented in our models.

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