Ammo Rail Center Catalogue 2023

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Complete Rail Center Catalogue. Edition 2023. Paperback, 112 pages with high-quality colour illustrations. In English and Spanish.

Who is looking for high quality colors for the model railroad and model making articles, will find at AMMO of Mig Jimenez S.L.. The colors of AMMO are available in correspondingly matching themes and also individually. The complete drying takes 24 hours and can be processed very well. The difference between an average modeler and an excellent modeler is not based on the tools each uses, nor the airbrush, the paints, or the models they buy. What really sets a modeler apart from the rest is their "experience." Experience is not limited to models, but encompasses all things in life. Experience makes us evolve, improve, progress, discover new worlds, and set our sights on new goals. In short, our experiences make us better in all areas of life. Everything a modeler needs to make better models can be discovered through experience. Unfortunately for modelers, experience always comes with time and time is the most limited resource in our lives. AMMO by Mig Jimenez is without a doubt the most experienced company in the world today in terms of aging/weathering and modeling effects. All this experience is now within reach. Here every product is a refinement, with all the details improved and formulas adjusted for maximum quality, performance and efficiency to meet the needs of even the most experienced and talented modelers. Only with AMMO you can cover all your needs, from primers and precise base colors to more realistic and impressive weatherings. You no longer have to waste time searching for mixtures, mixing ratios or solving problems.