TT Weihnachtspyramide

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TT Weihnachtspyramide - Image 1
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TT Weihnachtspyramide - Image 1TT Weihnachtspyramide - Image 2
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Model: TT gauge. Laser cut kit made of graphic plywood. Dimensions L x W x H: 53 x 53 x 99 mm. The movable model is cut from plywood and richly decorated with small figures and candles.
The picture shows a painted pattern as a design suggestion. Any shown accessories serve as a design example and is not part of the offer. Prototype: The origins of the Christmas pyramid go back to the Middle Ages. During this period it was customary in southern and western Europe to hang evergreen twigs (eg boxwood) in the home to avert disaster in the dark ages. In northern and eastern Europe, this was attempted with the help of the power of light.
The Christmas pyramid combined both customs and became a symbol of Christmas, especially in the Erzgebirge. Until the 1930s, Christmas pyramids remained exclusively domestic Christmas decorations, which often had a special place in the living rooms. According to tradition, the last, retired Frohnauer Steiger Traugott Pollmer 1926 had the idea to set up a "pyramid for all" in the open air. In 1931, three years after Pollmer's death, work began on the first outdoor pyramid of the Erzgebirge under the direction of the Schnauzerverein von Frohnau near Annaberg-Buchholz and in collaboration with local craftsmen, local council and the art carver Paul Schneider. After its completion, the Frohnauer pyramid was inaugurated on 17 December 1933 solemnly.
Only after the turn from 1990 a real boom began and since then one finds in whole Germany large Christmas pyramids on the Christmas markets.
Modellbahn Union
product type
layout building & scenery
technical & model details
gauge Spur TT
material & finish Lasercut Bausatz
scale 1:120
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