steam loco 43xx 2-6-0 Mogul 5330 BR

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OO gauge 16,5 mm
power supply
product type
steam loco
gauge OO models
technical & model details
running number 5330
friction tires no
couplers NEM 362 coupler pocket, short coupling mechanism, english hook couplings
light no
scale 1:76
with motor yes
flywheel yes
Age notice not suitable under 14 years
digital & sound
digital plug NEM 660 21-pin 21MTC
Great Britain BR British Railways
era (continental)
era (Great Britain) 4

Gauge 00 DC. The steam locomotive 43xx 2-6-0 Mogul 4358 BR from the manufacturer Dapol is a gauge 00 steam locomotive. It has a motor, a flywheel and no traction tires. The couplers are equipped with NEM 362 coupler pockets, KKK and English hook couplers. The locomotive has no light and has the company number 4358. The scale is 1:76. The digital technology is equipped with a NEM 660 21-pin 21MTC digital interface. The locomotive belongs to Era 4 in Great Britain.

In the model, the die-cast compensation chassis ensures a balanced ride. The new cab features a higher and shorter roof. Porthole windows are located above the firebox area - where applicable. The detailed interior of the cab includes a reverse movement lever. The cylinder has a full profile with no cutouts. There is a new movement mount and boiler support. The slide bars and crosshead have been improved. A new straight chimney was installed - where applicable. The original front pony spring case is present - where applicable. The new platform has a longer center mudguard on the right side. The safety valve housing is coated with brass. The front bogie is also sprung and runs on a camshaft, allowing the model to negotiate R2 curves with ease. The tender is plain sided where applicable and features Churchward frusto-conical and Collet straight buffers and a main platform with prototypical overhang.

The GWR Class 43xx Mogul was a notable steam locomotive used by the Great Western Railway (GWR) in Great Britain. It was developed in the 1910s and played an important role in rail transport throughout the 20th century.
The GWR Class 43xx was a 2-6-0 locomotive, which means it had two lead axles, three coupled axles and no trailing axles. This arrangement provided a good balance of tractive effort and speed, allowing the Mogul to efficiently haul both freight trains and passenger coaches.

With its distinctive green livery and stylish design, the GWR Class 43xx was a feast for the eyes on the rails. It was not only powerful, but also reliable and versatile. The locomotive was often used on freight services, but also hauled passenger trains on many Great Western Railway routes.
One of the most notable characteristics of the GWR Class 43xx was its efficiency. She was known for moving large train loads with relatively little coal consumption. This made them economically attractive to the railway company and contributed to the popularity of this locomotive. Over the course of its service, a number of improvements have been made to the GWR Class 43xx to further enhance its performance. For example, some locomotives received a larger firebox to generate more steam and thus improve tractive effort. Others received an enlarged smoke chamber to allow for better combustion.
The GWR Class 43xx remained in service until the 1960s, when steam locomotives were increasingly being replaced by diesel locomotives. Although the era of steam locomotives was over, the Class 43xx Mogul is remembered as a symbol of the elegance and efficiency of the Great Western Railway.

Today, steam locomotive enthusiasts can admire the GWR Class 43xx Mogul in museums. There you can experience its impressive construction and the legacy it has left in the history of rail transport. The GWR Class 43xx Mogul will always be a remarkable example of the engineering and advancement of the steam locomotive era.

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Dapol model trains and accessories from Great Britain

Dapol is one of Britain's most innovative model train manufacturers and operates in 0, 00 and N gauges. In Germany, Dapol is best known as a producer of some of our own Modellbahn Union products as well as our rail vacuum cleaner. Dapol is exclusively distributed by Modellbahn Union in Europe outside Great Britain.

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The story of Dapol

Dapol was founded in 1983 by David and Pauline Boyle who saw an opportunity for a fresh new business in the 00 gauge railway market. In addition to production at the Winsford site, models were already being manufactured in Hong Kong and the Far East. This agreement has since worked well and Dapol is proud of its UK manufacturing facility and long-term and strategic relationships with partners in Asia.

In 1985 Dapol bought many tools and molds from Pallitoy. The range adopted included many railroad-related kits from Airfix and Kitmaster. Well over 50 years old these tools are still used by Dapol and are the basis of the Kitmaster/Dapol range of 00 Gauge kits.

In 1994 Dapol acquired a new site and moved from its old factory in Winsford to a new facility in Llangollen. A Doctor Who exhibition was also set up there, supported by the BBC, and Dapol produced under license Dr. Who figures and action toys including Daleks, Cybermen and the many versions of the "Doctor" himself.

In 2000 the decision was made to withdraw from the competitive 00 gauge market. The tools were sold to Hornby and some of them are still in use today for new models.

Unfortunately, the exhibition and licensed production of Doctor Who ended in 2002. After carefully observing the market, Dapol decided to enter N Gauge. The first model was the 14xx steam locomotive and many more vehicles were to follow, taking the standard for N Gauge models in the UK to a new level and on par with the Producers in Europe and the USA brought.

In 2003, Dapol moved to the current facility in Chirk and continued to expand the site over the following years. The new location and market for railways offered new opportunities, and so in 2011 Dapol returned to 00 gauge with the Class 22, only to conquer the 0 gauge market shortly thereafter with the Terrier steam locomotive.

Dapol today: A model railway manufacturer with innovation and tradition

With the establishment of a new development team in 2013, Dapol has expertise in all areas of model making, from toolmaking and decoration to electronics and technology.

Dapol's ultimate goal is to produce quality N, 00 and 0 gauge models and to promote the joy and fun of the model railroad hobby. Innovation and sustainability are key elements, major investments are being made in the Chirk site to be as independent as possible.

Model railways from Dapol

In all gauges, the railway models meet the high standards that you can expect from current products. Modern engines, digital interfaces, sound versions, NEM recordings for couplings as well as short coupling scenes and much more are a matter of course for the locomotives, traction vehicles and wagons. Many "exotic" elements, such as light changes based on the British model, are implemented in a prototypical manner. For vehicles with sound, we work with specially recorded sound projects that are exclusively available with the models. With the 0 Gauge models, they attach such great importance to being true to the original that they decided to couple the models with hooks and chains, thereby achieving a realistic look.

One of Dapol's hallmarks is the ability to have models made to a high standard, even in small editions. Modellbahn Union takes advantage of this in the production of many variants and company numbers for our own models, which we have manufactured by Dapol.

The 00 gauge models of the classic 2-axle freight wagons based on the British model are a collection area in their own right and have almost become a cult in Great Britain. Dapol brings out new models every month both in the standard range and for other shops and clubs. Modellbahn Union has already had several models from this series made as special editions.

The rail cleaning trolley/rail vacuum cleaner

Dapol is the producer of the H0 version of the track cleaning car, which is based on the system developed by Tomix and which offers you the option of vacuuming, grinding and polishing your tracks in one vehicle. New versions of the most diverse variants are constantly being created for our Modellbahn Union range.

Frequently asked questions about Dapol

Do Dapol models run on a German model railway layout?

All vehicles for the 00 gauge run on any 2-wire DC system with tracks and technology from other major manufacturers such as Roco, Tillig, Peco, etc. The NEM shafts allow couplings to be easily exchanged for other bracket couplings or close couplings, digital interfaces also correspond the NEM standards.

Unfortunately, there are no models for 3-wire AC systems from Great Britain.

The 0 gauge trains run on the well-known tracks from Lenz or Peco and can also be used with the well-known control devices. Only with the clutches you have to be a bit creative if you want to mix British and German vehicles.

What is the scale of the Dapol models?

Gauge 00 railways from Dapol are made in 1/76 scale. This does not affect the track width of 16.5mm, only a larger vehicle body. Since locomotives, passenger and goods wagons in Great Britain have smaller external dimensions, the difference is in most cases not noticeable.

Gauge 0 models are on a scale of 1/43.5, so that there is almost no difference to other vehicles.

Are the locomotives and wagons limited?

All models are normally only produced in one-off editions. When it comes to new productions, company numbers or the paintwork are changed.

Buy Dapol railways and accessories online

Discover the model railways, houses, details and all necessary accessories from the Dapol brand right here in our own online shop in the factory outlet. Various payment options and fast shipping are a matter of course for us. You can also benefit from our bonus program. You can add a free item to your order even with a small order value.

You can find the N scale range from Dapol at the colleagues from DM-Toys.

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