open freight car 7 plank 9ft Elizabeth Meredith Jones No. 3 weathered

Item no.:  7F-073-009W
open freight car 7 plank 9ft Elizabeth Meredith Jones No. 3 weathered - Image 1
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not suitable under 14 years

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product type
freight wagon
technical & model details
gauge O gauge
power supply Direct current
couplers prototypical, spring-loaded coupling hook, chain
running number 3
special features spring-loaded buffers, ball-bearing axles
scale 1:43,5
Age notice not suitable under 14 years.
Great Britain

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Dapol is Britain's most innovative model railway manufacturer, operating in 0, H0/00 and N gauges. In Germany, Dapol is primarily known as the producer of our own Modellbahn Union products, which we have commissioned there. A hallmark of Dapol is the ability to have models made to a high standard, even in short runs, something we take advantage of in the production of our many variants and company numbers.
Dapol is also the producer of the H0 version of the track cleaning car, based on the system developed by Tomix, which gives you the opportunity to choose between vacuuming, grinding and polishing your tracks with one vehicle. The H0/00 gauge models of the classic 2-axle freight wagons based on the British model are a collection area in their own right and have almost become a cult in Great Britain. Dapol brings out new models every month both in the standard program and for other shops and clubs. We have already had several models from this series made for us as special editions.
Dapol models in H0/00 as well as in N are usually equipped with Finescale wheels, standard coupling shafts, short coupling mechanisms and a large number of details that are already attached ex works. Depending on the model, motorized vehicles have digital interfaces, the latest "Super Creep" motors, headlight changes (if the model has them), traction tires, etc. You can find the exact equipment of each locomotive in the information in our online shop. We recommend curve radii of approx. 24 cm for the N gauge models, at least for longer locomotive models. All models are compatible with all N gauge model railways or all H0 gauge DC railways.
All models are normally only produced in one-off editions. When it comes to new productions, company numbers or the paintwork are changed.