Spur 0 Radsatz, Dunkelbraun matt vernickelt

Item no.:  Lenz-49025
Spur 0 Radsatz, Dunkelbraun matt vernickelt - Image 1
Spur 0 Radsatz, Dunkelbraun matt vernickelt - Image 2
Spur 0 Radsatz, Dunkelbraun matt vernickelt - Image 1Spur 0 Radsatz, Dunkelbraun matt vernickelt - Image 2
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gauge O gauge
Age notice not suitable under 14 years

Model: O gauge. The track O wheelset is manufactured according to NEM 311 standards and has a flange height of 1.15 mm. Despite the particularly prototypical optics due to the dark brown, nickel-plated, matt surface, there is no loss of conductivity!
The wheel sets are suitable for all Lenz O gauge passenger and freight cars with the exception of the middle wheel set of the 3yg conversion cars (item no. 41240 - **, 41241 - **, 41242 - **).

Lenz has been active in the field of model railways for over 30 years. Many of the technologies for model railway control that are taken for granted today are developments from the house of Lenz. The so-called DCC format for the digital control of model railways of all sizes is used worldwide and is thus the most widely used control system of all, declared a standard by the NMRA in 1993.

But even before the development of this digital control system, Lenz had already set milestones for the model railway enthusiast, for example with the "REPA Lok-Aus" and the legendary "Teichmann controller". Lenz is constantly working on making the occupation with model railways more interesting, more varied, but also easier: USP ensures uninterrupted data transmission into the decoder even when power is interrupted from the track, ABC ensures pinpoint stops in front of signals, RailCom delivers information from the locomotive back to the digital system.

Lenz's entry into 0 gauge has not only been well received by "veteran" zero gauge enthusiasts, but has also inspired numerous model railway enthusiasts to enter/with this great gauge. Lenz is continuously expanding its programme here as well, but still attaches great importance to the greatest possible faithfulness to the prototype, exceptional technology and high quality standards.