Bell armature motor 8x16

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Bell armature motor 8x16 - Image 1
Bell armature motor 8x16 - Image 2
Bell armature motor 8x16 - Image 3
Bell armature motor 8x16 - Image 1Bell armature motor 8x16 - Image 2Bell armature motor 8x16 - Image 3
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Bell armature motor 8x16 - double shaft - High speed (18000 RPM)
Voltage: 12 volts
Idle speed: 18000 rpm
Rated speed: 14000 rpm
No-load current: 10 mA
Nominal current: 95 mA
Maximum current: 400 mA
Load moment: 5
System torque: 24.1

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Micromotor.EU offers bell armature motors and conversion kits for various locomotives. We have taken over the distribution of Mircomotor.EU exclusively for Germany. The conversion kits are manufactured in our production, testing, assembly and packaging are carried out completely at our location in Issum on the Lower Rhine. Micromotor.EU is constantly coming up with innovative ideas to get models for which spare parts are no longer available or which have not been fitted with an optimum motor at the factory back on their rails. The range is constantly being expanded. Our production is already working on further possibilities.

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