Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE

Item no.:  MU-H0-G58005
Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 1
Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 2
Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 3
Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 4
Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 5
Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 1Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 2Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 3Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 4Freight wagon container wagon Lgs 580 DB ONE - Image 5
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Modellbahn Union
HO gauge 16,5mm
power supply
AC Replacement axles available
product type
freight wagon
technical & model details
couplers NEM 362 coupler pocket, short coupling mechanism, bracket couplings
running number 2180 4426481-8
Length (mm) 160
special features folding container holders
scale 1:87
Age notice not suitable under 14 years
Germany DB
era (continental)
era VI (since 2007)

Advance notice. Illustrations show incomplete hand samples, technical drawings or artwork. The final model may differ in details and features.
Non-binding delivery date: 2nd quarter of 2024

Gauge H0 direct current. Version with company number 2180 4426481-8 in DB Epoch VI Version with repair spots in different shades of red. Loaded with a 40ft ONE container. Equipped with folding container pins for optional loading of 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers, enclosed shunting handles in either an upright or folded position, individually attached steps and handrails, NEM coupling receptacles, close coupling links, standard bracket couplings, metal-bearing axles. The base plate is made of metal to increase vehicle weight. The model comes with reserve pins and alternatively mountable container holders with a recess for containers that are equipped with pins on the bottom.
We optionally offer AC axles for conversion.

Prototype: From 1998 to 2000, the Zwickau and Leipzig-Engelsdorf plants converted almost all of the remaining Hbils/Hbis-ww 297 and 500 of the Hbils/Hbis-ww 299 into container wagons. The underframe of these 1,722 Lgs 580s were reinforced (particularly the long beams) and prepared for the installation of the Z-AK. They also received a new steel floor, cable anchor brackets and 16 hinged container pins for one or two ISO containers of 20, 30 or 40 feet.
In the cars created from the Hbis 299, the braking systems were also supplemented with automatic load changes, and in some cases also with parking brakes. The cars are still almost completely in stock today.

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Modellbahn Union was founded in 1999 under the name JapanModelRailways. The focus was initially on importing railway models from Japan.
Over the years, the range has been expanded to include model making items such as aircraft and military model construction as well as model railways from other countries.
Model railways Union is the exclusive importer in Europe for the companies Microace and Modemo from Japan, Dapol from Great Britain and Os.kar from Italy.
Another focus today is the production of our own model railways and laser-cut kits as well as the ordering and sale of exclusive models from well-known manufacturers such as Liliput, Rivarossi, Arnold and Dapol. Information about the range can be found at

You can only get the Modellbahn Union models directly from us. Via our internet shops for gauges Z, TT, H0, 00 and 0 as well as via for the gauge N you have the complete available selection. You also have the opportunity to shop in our shops in Kamen and Issum. You will also find Modellbahn Union at the major model construction fairs such as Dortmund, Leipzig, Cologne and Stuttgart.