electric train RAe 4/8 SBB mfx+ Sound

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electric train RAe 4/8 SBB mfx+ Sound - Image 1
electric train RAe 4/8 SBB mfx+ Sound - Image 2
electric train RAe 4/8 SBB mfx+ Sound - Image 3
electric train RAe 4/8 SBB mfx+ Sound - Image 1electric train RAe 4/8 SBB mfx+ Sound - Image 2electric train RAe 4/8 SBB mfx+ Sound - Image 3
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HO gauge 16,5mm
power supply
product type
electric train
technical & model details
with motor ja
flywheel ja
friction tires ja
couplers NEM 362 coupler pocket, short coupling mechanism, Märklin couplings
light 3-light peak signal & 2 tail lights, changing with direction of travel
interior details driver cab and engine room
interior lighting driver cab and engine room
running number RAe 4/8 1021
Length (mm) 530
scale 1:87
Age notice not suitable under 14 years.
digital & sound
factory fitted Digital Sound
Switzerland SBB
era (continental)
era VI

Model: HO gauge AC. With digital decoder mfx+ and extensive sound and light functions. Controlled high-efficiency propulsion with flywheel. The two axles in the outer bogie on vehicle part 1 are driven via a cardan. traction tires. Swiss light code, triple headlights and 1 white marker light will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. Headlight switchable to 1 red marker light. Additional red drive authorization signal (wrong-way signal) at the front in the direction of travel, digitally switchable, changing with the direction of travel. Standard built-in interior lighting that will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The driver's cab lighting can each be controlled separately and digitally. Table lamps can be controlled digitally. Lighting with maintenance-free warm white and red light-emitting diodes (LED). Four bogie covers are included for replacement for use on large radii or for the showcase.

Prototype: 75 years ago, in 1946, the Red Double Arrow was used to drive Winston Churchill through Switzerland as a state guest, which gave the double arrow the nickname "Churchill Arrow".

Electric double railcar RAe 4/8 "Churchill-Pfeil" of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Used as a charter train for excursions and group trips. Fire red base colour. Railcar company number RAe 4/8 1021. Current operating condition.
In 2009 Märklin celebrated its 150th anniversary. However, from an initially quite wide range of toys, the product range concentrated over time on the manufacture of electric railways in different gauges. The excellent quality of the products made the name Märklin synonymous with model railways worldwide. Even today, the material metal is an essential element in the manufacture of locomotives, which thereby gain additional value in addition to their proverbial reliability and performance.

Märklin H0: The majority of Märklin products are manufactured in this gauge on a scale of 1:87. Due to the high operational reliability of the Märklin H0 three-wire alternating current system, Märklin has contributed to making this gauge the most widely used in the world. All Märklin H0 locomotives have been digitally controllable as standard since 2000.

Märklin Z-gauge: Model railway enthusiasts do not only opt for Z-gauge on a scale of 1:220 when space is limited. In Europe Märklin is the only large-scale manufacturer of Z-gauge, which appeals not only to passionate layout builders but also to collectors.