HO truck Set Historische Tankstelle Rheinpreussen

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HO truck Set Historische Tankstelle Rheinpreussen - Image 1
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Model: Gauge HO. As "Rheinpreussen" coined the gas station landscape. Those were still days when "Rheinpreussen" with its own green and white brand presence in the world of petrol stations offered ARAL, Shell & Co. Paroli. Now Wiking is reminiscent of the fascinating time that also stands for the prosperous economic miracle years. The classic set meets many brand enthusiasts, because for the first time in over 60 years there is a reunion with the legendary "house to the gas station". Built only for a short time, it is one of the most sought-after classics from the era of the Drahtachser era. In addition, of course, comes the mandatory dispenser unit, but also the traffic island and the Markensteele. In addition, two arc lamps, oil drums and the Opel Blitz tanker from war stocks round off the assortment.
House to the gas station: house roof in mint green, floor slab in concrete gray, side walls with windows and front and back wall in white. Sidewalls with logo "Rheinpreussen" in green and black. Front side with information signs, "cash register", "service", "price boards" as well as logo "Rheinpreussen" in green and black. Gas station: petrol pumps and oil cabinet in mint green, inner part in white. Base plate in concrete gray Brandsteele: Steele with sign in white, associated foot in concrete gray. Two-sided sign printed with the logo "Rheinpreussen" in green and black. Opel Blitz Tank Car "Rheinpreussen": Cab and chassis with trailer hitch and integrated front fender in mint green. Tank construction with ground as well as cardan section and rims also in mint green. Cab with white painted roof and silvered grille with flash logo. Side door imprint with logo "Rheinpreussen" in green, white and black. Lateral tank printing with lettering "Rheinpreussen" in white. Silvered front headlights, rear lights painted carmine red. Traffic island, arc lamp, oil drums: traffic island painted in concrete gray with white position lights, two arc lamps with hand-painted glass dome in white and feet in concrete gray, oil barrels in mint green and hand painted with top surfaces in white. 
product type
road vehicles
technical & model details
gauge Spur H0
material & finish Kunststoff Modell
scale 1:87
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