HO truck Set Die Kubischen von MB

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    Model: Gauge HO. Following the successful edition topics "Mercedes-Benz model rarities" and "Mercedes-Benz - partners in the transport industry", WIKING commemorates the much appreciated and unmistakable cubic cabs with this set at the request of many collectors. In 1963, the LP 1620 appeared with a completely new cubic cabin. Functionality was the top priority at the time. The formal language proved to be objective and sober, deliberately lacking the gentle curves of the 1950s. Vertical, straight outer walls allowed in the cabin large interior conditions. Large-scale discs, large windscreen wipers and the standard windscreen washer system ensured a clear view and a modern functional appearance. The engine, meanwhile, was low in the cab. No annoying high-build engine box blocked the free passage - all this was suddenly new standard, which was rightly perceived by the drivers as modern comfort. However, the cabin was firmly connected to the driving frame. Nor was Daimler-Benz too conservative to present a dump-cab. Countless flaps provided access to all the necessary maintenance, quickly lending the LP 1620 the unflattering nickname "rat trap" or "advent calendar". In the mid-1960s, the program also featured a new, smaller truck class, starting with the LP 608 and graded in numerous performance and payload classes. The edgy functional cabin instantly showed a deliberate family resemblance to the mid-range and heavy LP 1620s. Until 1984, the trucks designed for fast distribution traffic left the plant in Wörth almost 300,000 times. WIKING realizes three models based on the original models of Zeitfracht, ATEX and Mönkemöller and revitalizes the historical forms in order to bring together a classic trio from the time that is best suited for the cubic cabs.
Flatbed truck Mercedes-Benz LP 809 - "Zeitfracht" cab and flatbed in brown-red, tarpaulin in silver-gray. Chassis with cardan section in black-red, bumper with grill panel and rear fenders also in black-red. Rims in silver gray. Shelf in window gray. Headlight silvered by hand at the front. Grill with Mercedes-Benz star in silver, cab doors with multicolored printing of forwarding logo "Schröter" and associated company logo. Tarpaulin printing with side lettering "Zeitfracht" in black and brown-red. Flatbed truck Mercedes-Benz LP 1620 - "ATEX" cab and flatbed in corn yellow, tarpaulin in ivory beige. Chassis with cardan section and front bumper in olive gray, rims in corn yellow. Shelf in window gray. Rear fenders in olive gray. Interior in beige brown. Grille in olive gray with silvered frame and Mercedes-Benz star. Cabin doors with company logo "ATEX Werke KG" in black. Side plank print with black and white logo and black "ATEX" lettering. Front headlight by hand silvered.Tank semi-trailer Mercedes-Benz LPS 1632 - "Mönkemöller" cab in pure orange, interior in beige brown. Front bumper in pure orange. Chassis and rear fenders in black. Saddle plate in silver, rims in pure orange. Black grille with silver frame and Mercedes-Benz star. Side cabin door printing with logo and lettering "Gebr. Mönkemöller "as well as vehicle number" 165 "in black and white. Cab front with lettering "Gebr. Mönkemöller "in black. Headlight silvered by hand at the front. Semitrailer chassis with double fender and support leg in black. Tank top in silver gray, tank bottom in black. Rims in pure orange. Laterally black lettering "Gebr. Mönkemöller "as well as logo and vertical stripes in pure orange. Tank bottom with white trim.  
product type
road vehicles
technical & model details
gauge Spur H0
material & finish Kunststoff Modell
scale 1:87
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