HO truck Set ASG

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HO truck Set ASG - Image 1
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HO truck Set ASG - Image 1HO truck Set ASG - Image 2
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  • Description
Model: Gauge HO. The brand friends have long appreciated a tradition-rich topic: Everything concerning the Swedish forwarding agency ASG is highly valued! This is mainly due to the high degree of precision of the corporate design of the Swedish logistics company. The color combination of strong sapphire blue and contrasting melon yellow proves to be unmistakable. And so that the numerous, already known model combinations can find a WIKING home, there is now an edition set, which addresses the logistics yard. In addition, the traditional model builders realize the bungalow as a forwarding agency - a very realistic idea! The bungalow with the corresponding color design as well as a gas station and the Volvo PV544, which tows a trailer with a roof rack, will be delivered. In addition, joins the forklift, which may not be missing on any freight yard. The set is provided as a one off delivery in the specialized trade and should be out of stock within a short time. As an advertising order of the Swedish forwarding company, the Wiking models once enjoyed great desire, but could also score in the series. The reason was obvious: Since the 1950s, Sweden has been a solid and reliable export market for traditional model builders, who have been able to offer Swedish model and railroad friends a true "home model". The "ASG" design was then recurrent, especially as the distinctive design of Swedish origin was due to new locations in Europe - incidentally, also in Hamburg - for decades, the image of the road. After all, the "Aktiebolaget Svenska Godsbilcentraler" was founded in 1935 by the Stockholm Rederi AB Svea. After a cooperation with DANZAS had already been agreed in 1993, ASG was taken over in 1999 by the Swiss company Danzas, which belongs to Deutsche Post AG.
Country house base plate: concrete gray, two side parts, one front side and a back wall melon yellow. An interior wall with two doors and two interior walls with a door and another partition also melon yellow. Roof sapphire blue. Windows and historical outdoor lamp enclosed in transparent. Door sign design with reference to transport forwarding with ASG logo and Kontor lettering. Bell button, but also window design of the front sapphire blue. Back and side design with windowsill and sapphire blue windows. Gas station: petrol pumps and sapphire blue oil cabinet. Base plate concrete gray, panels and front panels melon yellow. Volvo PV 544 with trailer: body in sapphire blue, interior anthracite gray. Chassis black, bumpers and grille melon yellow. Tow hook black plugged in, headlights transparent and taillights red-transparent inserted. Rims melon yellow. Side door print with melon yellow ASG logo in white oval ring. Trailer with sapphire blue cover, roof rack mounted melon yellow. Rims are also melon yellow. Forklift: body frame chassis and mast sapphire blue. Fork and 3-spoke steering wheel melon yellow.  
product type
road vehicles
technical & model details
gauge Spur H0
material & finish Kunststoff Modell
scale 1:87
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