HO freight car set Gas-Kesselwagen Zag 620 OEVA ÖBB 2x

Item no.:  ESU-36532
HO freight car set Gas-Kesselwagen Zag 620 OEVA ÖBB 2x - Image 1
HO freight car set Gas-Kesselwagen Zag 620 OEVA ÖBB 2x - Image 2
HO freight car set Gas-Kesselwagen Zag 620 OEVA ÖBB 2x - Image 1HO freight car set Gas-Kesselwagen Zag 620 OEVA ÖBB 2x - Image 2
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Model: HO gauge DC. Model of a pressurized gas tank car Zag with a capacity of 620 hl. Pierced etched steps and playpens. Separately set details of the brake system. Free-standing handlebars. Etched address plates with filigree fastening struts. Free-standing dispensing valves and shut-off devices. Multi-piece bogies of the type Minden Dorstfeld with free-standing rectangular hooks. Both sides profiled wheel discs. U-bolt in slot-guided standard shaft. Trafficable minimum radius = 360 mm, length over buffer = 145.7 mm.
Prototype: To supply companies and private households with LPG for heating, various companies procured compressed gas tank wagons. Since gas pipelines were not yet available everywhere in the 1980s, there were gas warehouses in rural areas, which were tendered by rail and delivered liquefied gases such as propane or butane to the households by truck. In car groups or as single cars are the first with a yellow, from the late 1960s orange-colored belly bandage provided gas tank car in many freight trains on main and side tracks. In the early 1960s, grayish-white or pebble-gray became increasingly prevalent over the previously used iron gray. Most of the four-axle types had the so-called bottom discharge, meaning that the flanges and valves are located in the area of ??the boiler bottom. In the Zag type, it is coded that the vehicle is a tank car (Z) with four or more axles (a) for compressed, liquefied or pressurized gases (g). The Pullman model recreates a four-axle 620hl pressurized gas wagon of the Uerdingen wagon factory, which is mainly sold to wagon hire companies such as the Eisenbahn Verkehrsmittel A.G. EVA. At the manufacturing plant, EVA, later merged into VTG, was a partner. Characteristic of the Uerdinger car with attached sunshield was the comparatively large roof overhang with the radially expiring spacers. The central manhole on the non-handbrake front was common in new buildings until about the mid-1960s.
HO gauge 16,5mm
power supply
product type
freight wagon
technical & model details
couplers NEM 362 Kupplungsaufnahme, Bügelkupplungen
scale 1:87
Austria ÖBB
era (continental)
era IV
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