HO diesel loco SD40-2 Topeka & Santa Fe 5128 DC/AC Digital SoundNew

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HO diesel loco SD40-2 Topeka & Santa Fe 5128 DC/AC Digital Sound - Image 1
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Model: HO gauge. Drive by powerful five-pole motor with flywheels on 4 axes, 4 traction tires, ESU universal electronics with plug-in grinder, universal wheel sets for safe operation on Märklin®-C and –K tracks as well as two-wire track material from Fleischmann (model and professional), Peco, Piko, Roco (2.5 mm, Line and Geo-Line) and Tillig Elite. Ditch light on the perimeter or rotating beacons (strobelight or stratolight) on the roof. Suitable for driving on a 358 mm radius. New LokSound functions "Drive hold", "Run 8", "Coast", "Independent Brake" and "Dynamic brake". Standard bracket coupling (US claw coupling included). Housing with epoch and locomotive number specific details. Openwork fan grill. Multi-colored driver's cab with cab lighting.

Prototype: The SD40-2 series from the American manufacturer Electro-Motive Division EMD has been unstoppable since 1972. The turbocharged 16-cylinder two-stroke 645E3 diesel engine delivers 3000 HP and generates the energy for the six electric traction motors in the bogies. A top speed of 105 km / h was sufficient for heavy freight train service. Almost indestructible technology and maximum maintenance friendliness made the 167-ton six-axle vehicle a bestseller in the EMD range. Between 1972 and 1986 the manufacturer, which belongs to the General Motors group, was able to sell 3,950 copies, which are used on railways all over the USA, Canada and Mexico. The largest fleets, each with more than 600 copies, were owned by the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern, which had become part of the BNSF, which in turn had taken over Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe. In spite of an age of more than 40 years, from 2010 the Norfolk Southern equipped 143 locomotives in its own workshops with a self-developed new driver's cab ("Admiral Cab") and short, short stems. Due to the long procurement period, the SD40-2 even encountered other locomotive legends such as the striking streamlined F7 or the ALCo PA.

Prototype: In the 1950s, the German Federal Railroad DB planned the procurement of a large number of three-axle shunting locomotives to modernize the shifting service. It was decided to drive with coupling rods and blind shaft. With a maximum speed of 60 km / h in the route, the locomotive was just as fast as the then usual transit freight trains, and took advantage of the permissible speed on secondary lines. The coal-fired holding furnace (Dofa oven) was only used to keep the parked V60 warm. From the 1990s, the DB replaced the stoves with powered by external power heaters, which the stoves at the front end accounted for below the right circulation. Other external changes were the installation of Indusimagneten from the mid-1960s and from 1985 the equipment of the majority of locomotives with automatic couplings. DB internal, the production machines are divided into light and heavy locomotives. Externally, both types do not differ. The 54 t heavy-duty version has a larger frame than the 48-ton light locomotives. With the introduction of the computer-friendly designations in 1968, the light locomotives were given the serial number 260, the heavy ones were classified as 261. Until the early 1980s, the locomotives of both series had to be staffed with train-trained personnel. Through a 1987 carried out re-drawing of the locomotives in the series 360 and 361, the DB shared the machines to the locomotives and created for the trained as a locomotive shunter the job title Lok-Rangier-Führer. The machines equipped with automatic coupling (AK) and radio remote control were given the designation 364 (light construction) and 365 (heavy construction). The BR 362 and 363 emerged only from 1992 and designate locomotives that were equipped with the Caterpillar engine 3412 DI-TA instead of the original Maybach GTO 6 / GTO 6A.
HO gauge 16,5mm
power supply
product type
diesel loco
technical & model details
motor ja
flywheel ja
friction tires ja
couplers Digital fernbedienbare Kupplung in NEM-Schacht
light USA Vorbild
interior details Führerstand
interior lighting Führerstand und Führerpultbeleuchtung
running number 5128
scale 1:87
digital & sound
factory fitted Digital Sound
USA & Canada Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
era (continental)
era VI
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