H0 wheel cleaning device

Item no.:  MU-H0-A12504
H0 wheel cleaning device - Image 1
H0 wheel cleaning device - Image 2
H0 wheel cleaning device - Image 3
H0 wheel cleaning device - Image 1H0 wheel cleaning device - Image 2H0 wheel cleaning device - Image 3
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Modellbahn Union
product type
technical & model details
gauge Spur H0 16,5mm
power supply Gleichstrom
length (mm) 350
Age notice nicht geeignet unter 14 Jahren

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Model: H0 gauge, DC or AC analog and digital. The sponge conducts electricity and gently cleans the driven wheels of locomotives. The enclosed cables can be connected to the track system or a transformer. The function is therefore guaranteed for both analog and digital locomotives. Application: Connect the alligator clips to a rail on the layout or the control unit and place the locomotive on the wheel cleaner. The speed can be regulated via the control unit. The locomotive should be held on the wheel cleaner with light pressure.

The system does not clean non-driven wheel sets. The wheel set cleaning system is compatible for wheel sets with traction tires. The usable length is approx. 350mm. The locomotive in the picture is not included.

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