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layout building & scenery
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gauge neutral
height (mm) 9
Age notice not suitable under 14 years.

Flowers 250 pieces, colors red, blue, yellow, pink and white. These flowers are a beautiful little innovation: in a bed of 4mm long green fibers are some 9mm long fibers flocked in colour. In this way, wonderfully natural-looking flowers can be reproduced in the model. The set contains a total of 250 flowers, each in five different colors.
The flowers are removed from the box and fixed in the model landscape with a drop of glue. We recommend using landscaping glue, but hot glue or all-purpose glue are also ideal.

In 2011, the Noch company celebrated its 100th anniversary. That a company is allowed to celebrate its 100th birthday is certainly not a matter of course.

The company was founded in 1911 as a plumbing business in Saxony and has survived two world wars and also the flight from nationalisation in the GDR during the last 100 years. Noch has been dealing with accessories for model railways for 75 years. Initially, the company traded in model railway articles on the side, and later established its own factory, which slowly but steadily developed into the company it is today. We have now been at home in Wangen im Allgäu for 50 years. It is still owner-managed in the 4th generation and currently employs over 80 people.

In the 100-year company and product history, you will find many technical innovations and products that revolutionised model landscaping. The best examples are the deep-drawn prefabricated terrain in 1961, the first electrostatically flocked grass mat in 1963, super-realistic hard foam portals from 1983 and the Grass Master, which has been providing perfect grassing for everyone since 2005. In its anniversary year, Noch also ventured into the field of modern technology and innovative production methods: The new laser-cut building models mark the turning point for modern building model construction. It is not surprising that decisive innovations in this field come from Noch of all companies: The first model buildings were handmade at Noch as early as 1949.