Elektrolok Be 4/4 BT 14 Oswald-Steam Digital

Item no.:  Fulgurex-401-2272/2
Elektrolok Be 4/4 BT 14 Oswald-Steam Digital - Image 1
Elektrolok Be 4/4 BT 14 Oswald-Steam Digital - Image 2
Elektrolok Be 4/4 BT 14 Oswald-Steam Digital - Image 1Elektrolok Be 4/4 BT 14 Oswald-Steam Digital - Image 2
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  • Description
Small brass model in the usual very good Fulgurex quality. The models are handcrafted to the Fulgurex standard in very high quality and epoch. Lighting, opening doors, upgraded cab, etc. are of course. An ESU DCC decoder is already installed and pre-programmed to the latest state. A total of 170 locomotives of the entire series will be built; the individual types are therefore very limited.
Originally this machine was used until 1988 with the BT in the regular service. This locomotive was taken over by the "Gruppengruppe OSWALD-STEAM" in Samstagern. There, the locomotive was radically repainted and rebuilt. Instead of the green color dress the locomotive got a brown color with yellow ornamental lines and fillets. The plan was to create a complete composition with GB-car, but then was never realized by the task of the company. The locomotive came then into the stock of the former southeast railway, which used it for Nostalgiefahrten. After the merger to the SOB (with the BT), the locomotive was then sold in 2006 to the EUROVAPOR in Sulgen. The locomotive is still in use today on various special trips and impresses with its extraordinary brown color. Our model is the version of "OSWALD-STEAM" in brown livery from 1989. REV Date: 10.8.1988.
The Bodensee-Toggenburger-Bahn (BT) was electrified in the years 1931 - 1932. With regard to the adjacent SBB lines, the choice fell on the single-phase alternating current with a voltage of 15 kV and the frequency of 16.7 Hz. For this, of course, had to be purchased the corresponding locomotive park. To order six electric locomotives of the type Be 4/4 were provided at that time. These locomotives were ordered at the Société Anonyme des Ateliers de Sécheron (SAAS) in Geneva, shortly called Sécheron. By the end of the year 1931, these six Be 4/4 (no.11 - 16) were delivered to the Bodensee-Toggenburger Bahn (BT). For many train drivers of the BT and EBT, this machine was the entry point from the steam locomotive to the electric locomotive. No doubt today it can be said that for many locomotives this locomotive was a retraining from the steam locomotive to the electric locomotive. The locomotives were used for both passenger and freight trains and have proven themselves very well. Over time, the locomotives were constantly modified, or nozzle ventilation grille, etc. The locomotive has proven so successful that the EBT (Emmental-Burgdorf-Thun-Bahn) became aware of the machine and also an order of 8 locomotives with minor changes ordered. 2 machines were delivered to the SMB (Solothurn-Münster-Bahn). The locomotive was very "durable" and some specimens are still in operation today.
HO gauge 16,5mm
power supply
product type
electric loco
technical & model details
motor ja
light 3-Licht Spitzensignal, mit Fahrtrichtung wechselnd
interior details ja
running number 12
limited & exclusive editions x
scale 1:87
digital & sound
factory fitted Digital
Switzerland BT
era (continental)
era IV
era V
era VI
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