Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound

Item no.:  Marklin-49570
Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound - Image 1
Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound - Image 2
Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound - Image 3
Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound - Image 4
Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound - Image 1Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound - Image 2Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound - Image 3Eisenbahn Dampfkran Ardelt 57t mit Schutzwagen DB mfx+ Sound - Image 4
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Complete new construction of the steam crane mainly made of metal. Crane truck with digital decoder mfx + and noise functions. Uppercarriage with jib on sprocket 360 ° rotatable. Boom over pulley to raise and lower. Metal main hook to raise and lower via pulley. Driver's cab lighting digitally switchable. Two work lights on the boom digitally switchable. Lighting with LED. Built-in smoke set digitally switchable. 4 support arms swinging out by hand and lockable with spindles on enclosed sockets. Chimney with smoke hood removable or attachable. Counterweight made of metal partially removable and deductible on the buffer stem. Crane truck with six-axle undercarriage and superstructure housing made of metal. Stake car (conversion from Rms Stuttgart) with guide block as protection car. Former G-wagon of the association type with Endfeldverstärkung without handbrake as equipment cart. Trafficable minimum radius 437.5 mm! Total length over buffer approx. 36.6 cm. Unique series.
6-axle heavy-duty steam locomotive type Ardelt with a carrying capacity of 57 t with crane protection trolley (conversion from Rms Stuttgart) and equipment trolley of the German Federal Railways (DB). Color of the steam crane bottle green. Company number Munich 6664. Operating condition around 1958.
Maintenance and expansion of the rail network are essential for smooth rail operation. The necessary work includes u.a. the replacement of switches, the trimming of tall trees or the railroading of locomotives and wagons. After accidents, locomotives and wagons have to be salvaged, rubble repaired and rescue measures often taken quickly and efficiently under enormous time pressure. The conditions are often only suboptimal or just bad: Sometimes a railway line has no side-by-side road or it is completely isolated, as in tunnels, at slope sections or deep cuts. Often, a variety of obstacles such as overhead lines, platforms, masts, posts or signal systems to deal with. Therefore, the web requires cranes which are specially adapted to their requirements, which, among other things, are required. ensuring appropriate mobility and traversability with and without load in the track, efficient lifting, support and positioning, and excellent maneuverability even in hard-to-reach or tricky areas. There was a lot of tidying up in the western zones after the Second World War, so in 1948 the DRG ordered four steam cranes from the company Ardelt with a payload of 57 tons, which were delivered in 1949 and from the just founded DB as Essen 6660, Mainz 6600, Munich 6664 and Wuppertal 6602 were queued. These cranes were designed so that their counterweight could be stored on the undercarriage during transport and the lower parts of the counterweight could be stowed between the buffer pile and the support arm hinges by means of the two reel wheels in the "belly shop". With the six-axle vehicle, the maximum load-bearing capacity of 57 t was nevertheless achieved without exceeding the average axle load of 18 t, an adequate projection and a portable outrigger width of six meters. In the case of an overpass, only the chimney cowl that transgressed the space between the light spaces had to be removed and tied down behind the weights. The crane truck had a total weight of 106 t. A stanchion car with bearing block preceded as a protective guard prevented the boom from swinging over during overpasses. The 22.6 m long team was allowed to be transported when hiring freight trains with a maximum of 80 km / h. The main tasks of these cranes were the insertion of vehicles into the track, bridge construction sites and transhipment, with the cooperation of two cranes, even the heaviest locomotives could be put back on the track. For the necessary drive in the steam crane provided a reversible lying, 75 hp two-cylinder steam engine. All four cranes were retired in 1978/79, but one was preserved in the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim. There you can admire the former "6600 Mainz" with attached steam storage locomotive.
HO gauge 16,5mm
power supply
product type
freight wagon
technical & model details
couplers NEM 362 Kupplungsaufnahme, KKK, Märklin Kurzkupplungen
light Zwei Arbeitsscheinwerfer am Ausleger digital schaltbar
interior lighting Führerstandbeleuchtung digital schaltbar
smoke generator ja
special features Ausleger und Haupthaken zu heben und zu senken
limited & exclusive editions x
scale 1:87
digital & sound
factory fitted Digital Sound
Germany DB
era (continental)
era III

Im Jahr 2009 feierte Märklin sein 150-jähriges Bestehen. Aus einem anfänglich recht breiten Spielwaren-Sortiment konzentrierte sich das Angebot im Laufe der Zeit jedoch auf die Herstellung von elektrischen Eisenbahnen in unterschiedlichen Spurweiten. Die hervoragende Qualität der Produkte ließ den Namen Märklin weltweit zum Synonym für die Modelleisenbahn werden. Auch heute noch ist der Werkstoff Metall wesentliches Element bei der Herstellung von Lokomotiven, die dadurch neben ihrer sprichwörtlichen Zuverlässigkeit und Leistungsstärke zusätzlich an Wertigkeit gewinnen.

Märklin H0: In dieser Spurweite im Maßstab 1:87 wird der überwiegende Teil der Märklin Produkte gefertigt. Durch die große Betriebssicherheit des Märklin H0-Dreileiter-Wechselstromsystems hat Märklin mit dazu beigetragen, diese Spurweite zur am weitesten verbreiteten weltweit werden zu lassen. Schon seit dem Jahr 2000 sind alle Märklin H0-Lokomotiven serienmäßig digital steuerbar.

Märklin Spur Z: Nicht nur bei beengten Platzverhältnissen entscheiden sich Modellbahner für die Spur Z im Maßstab 1:220. In Europa ist Märklin der einzige Großserienhersteller der Spur Z, die neben passionierten Anlagenbauern auch Sammler anspricht.

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